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Has your insurance claim been denied? Whether you had a residential or commercial property damage claim, a claim related to Hurricane Harvey, or a medical or auto insurance claim, our firm can help. Our Corpus Christi insurance claim lawyers are highly experienced in dealing with insurance providers when they unfairly deny claims. Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC is committed to fighting for policyholders’ rights across the greater Nueces County area and the Coastal Bend.

Since 1986, we have fought for the voiceless, the injured, and the wronged. Our attorneys level the playing field between policyholders and the insurance companies that routinely deny or undervalue their claims.

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Why Was My Insurance Claim Denied?

There are situations in which an insurance company is acting in good faith through a denied claim. individuals who are dealing with a denied claim should make sure to read through their insurance policy to familiarize themselves with what may be causing the claim denial.

Insurance claims may be denied for some of the following reasons:

  • Intentional violations of an insurance contract
  • Unintentional violations of an insurance contract
  • The claim is not covered in the policy
  • The claim is fraudulent
  • The policyholder has violated the insurance contract

What Should I Do if My Insurance Claim Is Denied?

You filed an insurance claim, expecting to receive a fair and timely payment. Instead, you found out that your claim was denied. You do not have to accept this decision without question.

If your insurance claim was denied, take the following steps:

  • Review your insurance policy again to make sure you fully understand coverage and exclusions.
  • Review the notice of claim denial and note any discrepancies.
  • Gather all documents that you submitted with the claim, making sure you included all applicable evidence.
  • If you believe your claim was denied in error, inform your claim adjuster.
  • You can also file an appeal with your insurance company for an internal review.

We highly recommend contacting an attorney if you believe your insurance claim was wrongly denied. Insurance contracts are full of legalese and fine print that can leave anyone’s head spinning. A Corpus Christi insurance claim attorney can review your claim and the denial to determine what went wrong.

Insurance Claim Attorneys Serving Nueces County & the Coastal Bend Area

Hiring an attorney in the wake of a denied insurance claim shows your provider you mean business. If your claim adjuster or another party at the company is acting negligently or in bad faith in handling your claim, this will be exposed and you will have the opportunity to recover the fair value of your claim, plus damages.

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