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Softball size hail battered Del Rio, Texas on the night of Saturday, April 11, 2020. The National Weather Service initially alerted residents of Kinney County, Val Verde, and South Central Texas, citing an intense storm with 60-mile an hour wind gusts. More than the wind gusts, however, residents suffered property damage as a result of large hailstones. A local meteorologist stated:

There were numerous reports of golf ball-sized hail throughout Del Rio, and several reports of baseball to softball-sized hail. This storm was rather non-discriminatory - it hit just about every part of town.”

These large chunks of frozen rain caused significant damage to roofs, uncovered vehicles, sheds, patios, and more. Many homeowners and vehicle owners will need to make insurance claims to account for their losses.

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Affected Communities

The hailstorm in question caused destruction throughout the city of Del Rio.

Affected communities included:

  • Brackettville
  • Alamo Village
  • Standard
  • Amanda
  • Laughlin AFB
  • Escondido Estates
  • Fort Clark Springs

Many residents, especially those in the north, east, and downtown areas of the city, reported extensive vehicle damage. Hyundai of Del Rio saw severe damage to at least 80 vehicles, characterized by smashed sunroofs, broken windshields, and deep dents.

Trees near the Val Verde County Courthouse also lost branches, and roofs across the city will need patching. Additionally, structures that weather hailstorms typically sustain damage to windows, sidings, and internal structures.

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Why Insurers Deny Claims

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While the storm in question did not develop into a tornado or cause a fire like originally anticipated, it was still disastrous for many car- and homeowners. If you were affected, do not hesitate to make a claim with your insurance policy. If your insurance company gives you grief, you know who to call.

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