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Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC is here to help if you or someone you love was injured in an accident with a semi-trailer or other large truck. We handle commercial trucking accident cases across the greater Nueces County area and the Coastal Bend and have fought for the injured since 1986. Our Corpus Christi truck accident attorneys are prepared to put their experience to work for you in these complex and challenging matters.

Truck accident claims present particular complexities, making it more important to involve a seasoned attorney:

  • Truck accidents are more likely to cause catastrophic injury and property damage, even when they occur at relatively low speeds. Resulting claims often have higher values and it will be more important for a victim to recover complete compensation for all injuries and losses.
  • The at-fault party may be a large trucking company, distributor, or other large organization. With truck accidents, it is more likely that responsibility may lie with a company as opposed to an individual driver. Trucking companies and their insurance providers may have entire teams of attorneys to counteract claims. You need a skilled attorney of your own to handle your case.

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Truck Loads, Maintenance & Trucking Regulations

With truck accidents, certain factors may contribute to their occurrence that simply do not affect other types of vehicles, like car or motorcycle accidents. For example, a truck must be properly loaded with the cargo balanced and secured. An unbalanced load, unsecured load, or overloaded truck can present a serious hazard on the road. Trucks are in greater need of routine maintenance than other vehicles, due to the wear and tear they experience from heavy loads and constant use. Truck drivers must not operate vehicles for too long, or they risk impaired abilities due to fatigue.

When negligent loading, inadequate truck maintenance, or violations of trucking regulations lead to collisions, the Corpus Christi truck accident lawyers at Carrigan & Anderson, PLLC are here to seek justice for the injured.

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